Your Intranet in your pocket -SP Mobile Roadmap

Jeff Teper mentioned the 3 ‘G’s [ office groups, office graph & governance ] in the SharePoint 2016 event few weeks back.

In this event, one of the themes was Intranet in your pocket.

SharePoint is going to change by way of ease of user experience in terms of smooth handling of the document libraries, lists,sites. It will be going to fully mobile enabled soon.

As per the #roadmap, SharePoint mobile app for iOS is going to come  in the second half of 2016! Also site activity and insights are going to be included.




3 Gs in Office 365

Office 365 helps you to achieve reinventing the core productivity in your organization. Since the first release of Office 365 in June 2011, MS has gone a long way by listening to customer, ISVs, product companies etc and hence adding new data centers, adding new features and its growing rapidly with 70 mn users.SharePoint is central to the Office 365. Its core of the productivity.

The Three Gs, Jeff Teper announced in the future of SharePoint Event FutureofSP /

are given below:

  1. Office 365 Groups
  2. Office Graph
  3. Governance [Security & Compliance ]

They are the fuel that will empower the Office

1) Office 365 Groups : Groups actually consist of a list of people. and these groups  reside in SharePoint.

2) Office Graph : Office Graph is the brain.Using Office Graph, you can query any object in the SharePoint,Skype for Business, Lync, OneDrive for Business.

3) Without security and governance the above mentioned themes won’t work.Security is central to SharePoint and other products.




SharePoint Framework

New SharePoint framework is launched!

Link is here :

Those who are in the world of SharePoint must have seen The Future of SharePoint event in San Francisco on May 4th. Here the importance of this event is that, Microsoft’s Jeff Teper, announced a new client side development model called the SharePoint Framework and the general availability of SharePoint Server 2016.

Here is the video where Jeff introduces SP 2016 and new features which were introduced Office 365  and upcoming features.

In this youtube video [ ]  Daniel Kogan , explains what’s inside the SharePoint framework  and how to execute scripts and add the image web parts and shown in a publishing page in SP 2016.

Also please watch the Microsoft Mechanics  channel in youtube for the latest advancements in SharePoint Framework!

As Wictor Wilen mentioned in his latest blog [ ] and he names it as SPFx. It seems, it’s the correct name to this new framework.

Marc also put his thoughts on his blog about the initial questions and answers about this new model, here .






Business Data Connectivity Service Application Stuck in “Stopping” Status

I have created a  BDC service application using SharePoint central UI. But after few minutes, i saw that , its not actually create, hence I checked the  manage services in the farm.

In my  farm, the Services on Server , am able to see the below.


Business Data Connectivity Service Stopped Start

I  have restarted the services and started creating a new one called “BDC One Service Application”. But it didn’t create successfully.So I have deleted the  proxy first from UI .When I tried to delete the BDC One  , it shows me the status of “Stopping”

I checked in google for this issue, and found out few approaches and executed those but no avail.

At last I went to investigating the sql server box where the BDC Content DB was created.

I deleted the content db since I have the full privilege.

I came back to my front end server and tried to delete the BDC One and it ran successfully!